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Train For Life Empowerment Campaign Tip 11

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Train For Life Empowerment Campaign Post 11: Life is a series of events which require you to adjust and adapt all the time. When you are more flexible and less rigid the ability to adapt and embrace change comes with greater ease. Like the water in a river, change requires you to go with the flow sometimes, to be malleable in order to change directions, to trust the process and to recognize the obstacles you encounter are there to for a reason. Where do you want to make a change? What does that change process look like for you? Read more about the change process here. If you are a high achiever consider softening your grip a bit, leaving room for detours and give yourself permission to change course if needed. Remember change is a process and Stephen Covey has it right, personal growth requires compassion and patience so give yourself and others both.

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