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Train For Life Empowerment Campaign Tip 25

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Train For Life Empowerment Campaign Post 25: PURPOSE "Dare to go deeper because you can, see your potential because it is possible and believe in yourself because you are powerful. Practice self-care daily and take intentional pauses throughout the day to connect with your thoughts and feelings. Show yourself and others compassion through your words and actions and learn from the lessons life teaches you. Practice the art of letting go, live boldly, laugh often…and always be true to yourself. Keep a playful spirit so you can embrace new things freely, an open mind so the doorway to possibilities is always wide and an open heart so you don’t miss an opportunity to love yourself and others. Live intentionally from a place of gratitude, don’t judge, be curious, align your passion with your purpose and pause often to celebrate this beautiful journey called life. Find your truth and it will light your path to where you are suppose to be. Be uniquely and authentically you”. – Terrie Elizabeth

Learn how EHA is empowering individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations to THRIVE.


Learn How EHA is Empowering Individuals and Organizations
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