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Train For Life Empowerment Campaign Tip 69

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

#TrainForLifeEmpowermentCampaign Post 69: LEAP OF FAITH - Do you sometimes feel paralyzed in life, stuck in indecision or frozen in the status quo? Playing it safe and doing nothing can invite you into its comfort but personal growth and new possibilities don't live there. Taking a leap of faith and making changes in your life takes courage, desire and a belief that on the other side of change there is something extraordinary waiting for you. Is there something you want to do but you can't seem to take the first step? If so, identify what it is holding you back and why, and perhaps your answers will help you step into the unknown. “Embracing change requires letting go, not defending or resisting but pausing to inquire. To be curious, open minded and awake to new possibilities. To have the capacity to see beyond the obvious and the desire and courage to walk into the unknown. Change requires letting go of the familiar, stepping beyond what is comfortable and trusting the process.” - Terrie Reeves

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Learn How EHA is Empowering Individuals and Organizations
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