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Train For Life™ Assessment

Measures Your Life Balance & Stress

A groundbreaking tool that provides valuable insight to individuals, teams, leadership, and organizations. The assessment guides individuals through a self-report process which allows them to take inventory of their life across 15 dimensions. The Train For Life (TFL) Assessment is not a psychometric tool, it is a self-report tool designed to heighten personal awareness. 

Awareness is the first step to intentional change, so pause and take inventory. 

Organizations use the Train For Life™ assessment to improves individual awareness, and to collect data in order to identify employee needs and to inform organizational decisions.

The Train For Life Assessment provides valuable data to the individual and the sponsor organization. Data that translates into greater awareness and insight in one or more of the following areas:

  • Stress triggers and challenges

  • Performance and productivity

  • Motivation to change

  • Health and happiness

  • Dimension satisfaction and importance

  • Ideal Being Model®

Facilitation of this simple assessment provides powerful data.

Data drives informed decisions and intentional action, which helps empower individuals, and saves organizations money, time, and valuable resources. 

The assessment results identify work and life issues that are causing stress and impacting health, happiness, and performance. World Health Organization reported that stress is the new health epidemic of our time.

Through the assessment process, individuals gain a clearer perspective of how they view their life in each dimension represented in the Ideal Being® Model, their level of change readiness, and where they are motivated to take action. This self-report approach increases personal awareness and can serve as a catalyst for change. As part of the online assessment platform, individuals have access to 15 customized action plans, one for each dimension, which provides additional information, self-guided exercises, and tools that support personal and professional development and growth.

The Train For Life™  Assessment can be used effectively with other evidence-based assessments. i.e. Actualized Leadership Profile, WorkPlace Big Five, Enneagram.


Employee Engagement 

Creating a well-developed communication and implementation plan is vital for employee buy-in and engagement. We provide employee engagement consulting and support when working with organizations to ensure success. Ensuring individuals see the value in what is being provided is key. Click the video below to view an example of how we can help. This video is used to invite individuals to take the
Train For Life
 Assessment. Watch it and we hope you are inspired to take the TFL assessment.

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