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empowering organizations

Solutions designed to help empower individuals, leadership, teams, and organizations to THRIVE.

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Consulting | Coaching | Leadership Development Training
Workshops and Retreats | Educational Sessions 
Empowerment Programming Development | Mindfulness and Resiliency Training | Leadership Assessments 
Train For Life™ Assessment | Employee Engagement Support 
Empowerment Tools and Educational Resources 

Consulting For Change
The 5P Change Model



The 5P Change Model    is integrated into our consulting and supporting services, and provides a framework for intentional change.


Educational Sessions

Virtual & Onsite

Do you need solutions to keep your leaders and employees engaged, healthy, and productive? We offer over 35 educational sessions designed to support, educate, and inspire intentional action and change.

Topics cover 10 primary areas: stress management, resiliency, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, team building, conflict resolution, motivation, change readiness, and mental, physical, emotional,
and social well-being.

Leadership Development 

Customize a professional and personal development program designed to help your leaders inspire their teams to greatness. Leadership development drives employee and team empowerment, intentional action, and organizational change.  

Empowerment Programming  

Design programming to help your employees, leaders, teams, and organization THRIVE. Support the changes needed to ensure that happens. Our programming is designed to support, educate, and inspire intentional action and change. 

Executive Coaching 

Focuses on professional and personal development and our 5P Change Model    -  Pause, Process, Plan, Pivot, and Proceed is integrated to support the change process, helping individuals move from awareness to transformational change. 


Train For Life™ Assessment

Measures Your Life Balance & Stress

A groundbreaking tool that provides valuable insight to individuals, teams, leadership, and organizations. The assessment guides individuals through a self-report process which allows them to take inventory of their life across 15 dimensions. 


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