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Article: Why Pause and be Grateful 365 Days a Year?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Gratitude is good for the soul and research would suggest much more.  So, this word gratitude… it is a powerful word and it seems to surface like a submarine on Thanksgiving. How can we miss it, the holiday punctuates what gratitude is in its name… giving thanks. You may not ask yourself or others this question often, but it is asked a bit more around Thanksgiving… what are you grateful for in your life? Everyone has a personal response to this question but there are some inherent themes that always emerge, and after years of research and data collection in and around subjects like happiness, gratitude, and empowerment these are some common answers I found when it comes to gratitude. How do they resonate with you?

I am grateful for….

  1. Family

  2. Children

  3. My husband/wife/partner/significant other

  4. Friends

  5. Fur babies

  6. Life adventures

  7. Health

  8. Security

  9. Freedom

  10. Sobriety

  11. Peace

  12. Wonders of travel

  13. Challenges I have overcome

  14. Support system

  15. Faith, hope, and love

  16. Quiet moments

  17. Nature

  18. Capacity to learn and grow

  19. Mysteries of life

Notice what is not represented in the above list. Not one answer is about materialistic things. An article for another day but worth pondering in the meantime.

Back on topic… as much as we are unique and different, we have a lot in common when it comes to gratitude. However, our challenge as a society is, we don’t give ourselves permission to pause and take inventory of what we are grateful for daily.  Just like any muscle you have to exercise it to keep it flexible, strong, and healthy.  What if, you gave yourself permission to carve a small slice of time out each day to be grateful. How could an intentional exercise of gratitude impact your life? Research shows that people that are consciously grateful every day are physically and emotionally healthier and have:

  1. Healthier relationships

  2. Enhanced empathy and reduced aggression

  3. Better sleep habits and self-esteem

  4. Increased mental strength and resiliency

Here’s the kicker, the above benefits are supersized, NOT when life is smooth sailing but when you remain grateful in and through times of struggle.  We all get tossed around and thrown off course by change and circumstances but your ability to weather the storms is a great reminder that no matter how dark things get there is always light on the other side. So next time life gets rough, let hope be your compass and gratitude your anchor.

What are you grateful for in your life? What a powerful question. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to answer it. Consider taking the 365-day gratitude challenge and carve out 2 to 3 minutes every day to pause and count your blessings.

“Be present in all things and grateful for all things.” - Maya Angelou

Consider cultivating more gratitude by taking intentional action:

  1. Start a gratitude journal

  2. Read a book on the benefits of being grateful

  3. Send 3 people an email and let them know how much you appreciate them

  4. Better yet, write an old fashion letter and mail

  5. Look someone in the eyes and tell them how much you appreciate them

  6. Take a few minutes next time you are at dinner with friends and/or family and go around the table and share a gratitude story

  7. Start a gratitude jar and don’t just look at it, fill it up throughout the year

  8. Take a few minutes every day to pause and be grateful

  9. If you are in the middle of a storm seek gratitude

  10. Draw a picture with your kids that represents gratitude

  11. Pause to process what gratitude feels like in your body

  12. Leave an anonymous note for someone letting them know how great they are

  13. Take gratitude out to your community, work, school etc. by doing a gratitude check-in.  Start your next meeting by encouraging everyone to share one thing in which they are grateful.

  14. Consider some additional ways that you can ground your life in gratitude and put them into action

Share this “article short” with someone that could use a little more gratitude in their life.

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