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Article: Resiliency – Your New Superpower

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

A two-year battle with COVID, has required us to develop stronger coping skills, but what allows certain people to rebound while others relapse, and what equips some people to snap back rather than snap? Resiliency! This courageous word when put into action gives you the capacity to cope with difficulty, persevere through adversity, and recover quickly from challenges. So, what can you proactively do to build stronger resiliency muscles? Research shows that resilience may be the new superpower, so check out 8 things that resilient people have in common, and consider what you can do to strengthen yours.

1. Self-aware

How can you improve your self-awareness skills?

  1. Pause and breath

  2. Be mindful and present in the moment

  3. Connect to your thoughts/feelings/sensations

  4. Be curious and spend time doing self-discovery

2. Self-regulate

How can you strengthen your self-regulation skills?

  1. Practice the 5P Framework™ Before you react pause, process, plan, pivot, and proceed with greater intention

  2. Know your triggers

  3. Develop strategies to manage your stress

  4. Be patient with yourself and others

3. Self-care

How can you practice greater self-care?

  1. Make yourself a priority

  2. Do activities that make you happy

  3. Spend time with people you love

  4. Move, fuel, rest and maintain your body

4. Emotional Expression

How can you improve your ability to express yourself?

  1. Notice how your emotions show up physically

  2. Identify and name your emotions

  3. Don’t hold your emotions in

  4. Process and express your feelings

5. Self-supportive

How can you practice being self-supportive?

  1. Be aware of your inner critic

  2. Practice positive self-talk

  3. Reframe your thinking – i.e. When things don’t go right, it is an opportunity to learn and grow.

  4. Learn to hold 2 truths – i.e. I am struggling. This is really hard on me right now. AND I am grateful for my support system, I know I am strong and will get through this.

6. Optimism

How can you become more optimistic?

  1. Train your brain to notice the positives

  2. Take time to be grateful

  3. Trust that you can accomplish your goals

  4. Envision a positive path forward

7. Support System

How can you build and leverage your support system?

  1. Cultivate healthy relationships

  2. Choose wisely who you want in your inner circle

  3. Ask for help and know when to call in the Calvary

  4. Don’t view needing support as a weakness, see it as a gift

8. Sense of Purpose

How can you find your sense of purpose?

  1. Examine what gives your life meaning

  2. Align your passion with your life’s purpose

  3. Use your unique talents to make a difference in the world

  4. Find comfort in knowing that you are part of something bigger than yourself

As you move through this amazing and sometimes messy thing called life, don’t underestimate yourself or the importance of resiliency.

“When life gets tough flex your resiliency muscles by visioning a positive path forward, trusting yourself, and calling the Calvary if needed." – Terrie Reeves

Make RESILIENCY your new superpower!

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