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Article: Be the Light that Inspires Change featuring Sarah Pay

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Thank you Sarah for your honest and powerful words of wisdom.

Sharing your insight and pieces of your story requires vulnerability, and it is a great way to connect, inspire, and to encourage others to open up as well. Life is unpredictable, often messy, and full of experiences that ignite the kaleidoscope of emotions that only humans can feel. What a gift, and so is Sarah Pay.

Sarah reminds us how powerful it can be to share the lessons and insights we have learned in life by sharing our story. She comments, "we all have opportunities to offer the gifts of our journey to others we meet along the way." We all have a story to share, what is yours?

Sarah shares some powerful insights through her answers.

Sarah's personal mission statement:

“To be the light that inspires change!”

What does health and happiness mean to you: Once upon a time I believed that my health and happiness were tied to appearing physically fit. I gave self-care lip service, but I didn’t really understand it’s true meaning. I had a very narrow view of health. My self-worth was driven by others and I had confusion around happiness and joy. In fact, the times in life I may have looked the most “fit” were also the times I was the most unhealthy…physically undernourished, emotionally stressed and relationally isolated. Today I have more clarity about what I want in life. My priorities (the things I value most) have shifted and so have the things that drive my health and happiness. The opportunity to question what really mattered most in life came at a critical time for me. Some of my personal decisions left me in a place where my health was at risk, my mental and emotional health was deteriorating and my most important relationships were on the line. I refer to this turning point as an “opportunity” because it was the catalyst for me to stop and re-evaluate what things I would prioritize in life. I was given another chance. It was a gift.

What are the 3 things you value most:

1. My Family. I’m fortunate to live in a home with 4 generations. Yep! That’s right. My husband, 3 boys, a girl pug who makes me smile everyday, my parents, and my 97 year old grandfather... all under one roof! We don’t share any of our living quarters and we don’t see each other everyday, but we do get to enjoy having easy access to the people we love the most. I’m deeply grateful for the privilege of living in my home with these amazing human beings. Their love and forgiveness has power, and it moves me like nothing else in this world.

2. My whole-person health. Mind, body and soul are equally important to me and they work in harmony with each other. When the health of my mind suffers, so does my body. I’m grateful that I was created in the image of the divine and that there is an intelligent relationship, a perfect design for my wholeness. When something feels off, I stop and ask these questions: “Am I giving myself time for mindful moments?” “Am I participating in the healthy movement of my body?” “How am I fueling myself? Am I getting the right food, the right amount and at the right time?” “How much sleep am I getting?” It’s usually a dead giveaway, of what’s causing me to be out of balance.

3. Creation and connection. I put these two together because for me they cross the lines of pleasure, productivity and purpose. This is where I feel passion and gifting, but also calling and dedication. I’m blessed that I love my work. It gives me opportunities for creation, connection and provision. Sure, there are days I’d love to just check out, and that’s when I know I need a vacation!

At the end of the day, my happiness is rooted in joy, and that comes from being grateful. When I embraced the true fact that EVERYTHING in life is a gift, that I’m not entitled to anything, but that I have the power to choose the way I respond to my circumstances, life took a turn for the better and I’m forever grateful.

My favorite quote: There is no JOY without GRATITUDE. ~ Brene Brown

More wise insights:

We all have stories, that is a fact, but choosing to own them can initially be very painful. As human beings we’re wired to run from pain, and we’re naturally really good at hiding. What happens when we hide however, is that we begin to be owned by our story and we along with our stories, are rendered powerless. Making the decision to bring our truth into the light is one of the most empowering and freeing experiences this life has to offer. Owning doesn’t necessarily mean sharing, but sometimes we have special opportunities to offer the gifts of our journey to others we meet along the way. I’m grateful that I can share a little about my story and the place I find myself along life‘s path in this moment. I am honored to have been asked to share some of my thoughts on health, happiness and empowerment.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your insights with us and your light with the world. You are definitely living your personal mission. Shine on my friend!

Connect with Sarah:


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