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Article: 20 Scoops of Inspiration for 2020

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

“Fractured but not broken, for it is the cracks that allow the light to shine into the darkness, and there is much to be learned there.” – Terrie Elizabeth Reeves

As you close out the year and the decade, consider doing personal reflection because it is good for your health. Understanding where you have been can help you move forward with greater awareness, compassion and intention.

For me 2019 was definitely a year full of peaks and valleys and emotional highs and lows. I lost my mom/best friend, felt great support from my friends and family, and I took the leap of faith and launched my Empower Health America business full force. Each experience came with it a kaleidoscope of emotions and this year has certainly taught me, to experience great joy; you must also experience great sorrow. I wish there was a way around sorrow but the only way to get to the other side is through it. I share this mantra that has served me well over the years, “Fractured but not broken, for it is the cracks that allow the light to shine into the darkness, and there is much to be learned there.”

So, what did your 2019 feel like for you? What events brought you joy, what events put you in the stretch zone and what events caused you sadness? More importantly, how has 2019 impacted you and prepared you for the coming year? We all have a choice regarding how life affects us, so don’t let it toss you around. Stand in your power and truth, stay open to new possibilities and know that the bumps and boulders in the road are there to slow you down so you can feel, heal and grow.

We don’t know what cards we are going to be dealt from year to year, but my hope for you is that you lean into abundance in 2020 by living life with greater intention, and by showing yourself and others more compassion. Below are a few thoughts I wanted to share, and I hope you find them meaningful.

20 Scoops of Inspiration:

  1. Don’t lose sight of who you are, know your worth and what you stand for

  2. Take time for more self-care, the quality of your life depends on it

  3. Put down your electronics so you can give someone the gift of your undivided attention

  4. Make a bucket list of experiences you want to enjoy and do some of them

  5. Slow down to notice what is out of balance and take action to restore it

  6. Take inventory of your thoughts and emotions, and proceed with greater awareness

  7. Spend time collaborating with like-minded people 

  8. Don’t assume or react… inquire

  9. Do things that make you a tad bit uncomfortable

  10. Be mindful, be grateful, and stay open to new possibilities

  11. Don’t miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them – Love you mom! 😊  

  12. Spend your time and energy wisely

  13. Align your purpose with your passion

  14. Trust yourself and the process

  15. If you can’t let it go… just let it be

  16. Have a mindset of abundance not deficit

  17. When you get stressed… pause, process, and proceed with greater clarity

  18. Let your inner child out to laugh and play more often

  19. Have the courage to face your shadow, there is much to learn there

  20. Practice more PAUSE in 2020 so you don’t miss it

I have been writing blog posts and sending out my newsletter for over a year. So, if you are not receiving it you can sign-up on this page… notice the sign-up area at the top right hand corner of this page. The intention for the newsletter is to encouraged you to PAUSE and consider new possibilities For Your Life.

I feel very blessed to be doing work that aligns my purpose and passion and to each of you, I am grateful. I’d love to hear from you if you have newsletter ideas or if you just want to share your thoughts. Feel free to reach out to me at

May you move into the New Year with integrity, clarity, and greater intention, and may you wish for yourself and others ABUNDANCE! 

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