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Heart-Centered Intentions

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

“Setting an intention taps into the desires of your heart.” – Terrie Elizabeth Reeves

New Year’s is often accompanied by people making personal resolutions, but those resolutions are frequently short-lived. Why do 80% of New Year’s resolutions experience a fast fizzle? I think far too often we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves, and all that does is add more pressure. Ugh! Who needs more pressure and another goal to add to an already heavy load. My recommendation is to get really clear on one or two things you can do that will impact the quality of your life. Rather than goals this year, think in terms of intentions. Goals often carry heavy expectations and “all or nothing” measurements. When you take action from a place of intention you are inviting the heart and the head to work together. Actions driven from this place carry more grace and take you out of the land of “all or nothing” thinking. AKA… less judgement and more compassion. I don’t know about you, but when I set intentions it feels more holistic, like I am making a declaration to improve my life. Not a 30 day sprint to the finish line, but a lifelong commitment to living a healthy, happy life. What do you want to do this year that will improve the quality of your life and WHY is that important? Let your answers guide and fuel your 2020 intentions. Consider the intentions below and note that most of them are free, and all of them will improve your life. The embedded links will take you to corresponding articles and podcasts. 20 Heart-Centered Intentions for 2020:

  1. Show yourself and others more compassion

  2. Do playful activities that trigger more smiling and laughing

  3. Be grateful for something every day

  4. Pause more by practicing the art of just being

  5. Let go of a habit that is not serving your higher good and replace it with one that is

  6. Try meditation and do some reading on the benefits of mindfulness

  7. Be kind and patient with yourself and others

  8. Broaden your perspective by re-framing your thinking

  9. Move, fuel and rest your body for optimal performance

  10. Practice proactive health maintenance and go to the doctor

  11. Do more things that help you reduce stress

  12. Be of service and get involved in a cause that stirs your soul

  13. Do an activity that connects your mind and body – i.e. dance, yoga, meditation

  14. Exercise your creativity by taking action on a project you have put on the back burner

  15. When triggered, commit to pausing before reacting

  16. Spend more time with people who love, support, and challenge you

  17. Be more intentional with your thoughts, words, and actions

  18. If the narrative in your head is not helping you live an abundant life, rewrite the story

  19. If you need help, ask for it

  20. Practice more self-care

67% of people say they need to practice more self-care. If that is you, consider adopting some new healthy habits this year.

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