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Article: Feed Your Mind Some Inspiration

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

A picture is worth a thousand words but a story can move your soul. I am a TED Talk junkie and I believe story telling is a powerful way to connect with the heart of a person. For this reason, I am sharing 3 of my all time favorites with you. I know, you are super busy with holiday to do’s and you don’t have the time to watch all 3 video. I have a solution. I encourage you to read the video teasers and choose the one that most resonates with you. This is a great opportunity to make an intentional decision. Any choice you make is a good one, because all three videos will leave you inspired in different ways.

Teaser: The gift of each precious day from 2 perspectives. Someone very young and someone…. Lets just say, very mature in age. 😊 Length 9:47. Queens University shout out. Thanks Dr. Sparks for sharing this video in your Leadership Development class.

Teaser: A Nigerian women shares her story. Change your perspective and you might change your mind. Length 19:16. Thanks Kitti for sharing this powerful video with me. I hope it resonates with everyone in a meaningful way.

Teaser: One of my all time favorites. This story weaves together unicorns, bunkbeds, data, happiness and gratitude… guaranteed to make you smile and laugh. I’d bet money on it. Length 12:20

My hope is that you paused and watched at least one of the videos and that it landed you in a place of greater awareness and maybe a bit more inspired.    Enjoy the holidays by creating meaningful memories with the people you love.  Eat, drink, and PAUSE to be grateful.   

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