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Article: 30 Healthy Reminders to Reduce Stress

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Many of the below recommendations will come as no surprise. The bigger “aha” may be how few you actually do. If you are interested in making changes that will improve your life then take some action and pick a few things on the list that resonate with you. Each recommendation is an invitation to take care of yourself and is designed to help you recharge and reduce stress. By the way, most of the suggestions are free.

  1. Take short breaks throughout the day to pause and connect to your breath

  2. Practice slowing down. Try walking slower, talking slower and reacting to things a little slower

  3. Don’t over schedule and leave more space in between events and appointments

  4. Volunteer for a charity that is important to you

  5. Get the right amount of sleep (7 to 8 hours)

  6. Keep caffeine intake to a minimum

  7. Take a mental health day and focus on yourself

  8. Be active and exercise daily

  9. Do something creative – draw, paint, play an instrument, write, do woodworking, dance in your living room

  10. Set realistic goals that are manageable, achievable and are important to you

  11. Spend time alone in prayer or just pause and think about something positive

  12. Write down one thing in which you are grateful for each day for one week

  13. De-clutter your home, car and office

  14. Create a peaceful area in your home and find a place at work where you can unplug and relax

  15. Don’t jump to negative conclusions, pause and consider a positive scenario

  16. Identify your stress triggers and develop healthy coping skills that work for you

  17. Practice positive self-talk when dealing with stressful situations

  18. Limit time with people or situations that cause you stress

  19. Spend time in community connecting with like-minded people

  20. Set healthy boundaries at work, home and in life

  21. Pet an animal or hug someone for 20 seconds

  22. Do something that makes you smile and laugh

  23. Spend time in nature

  24. Don’t struggle, ask for help

  25. Put your cell phone down, look up and practice being in the moment

  26. Dim the lights, put on some calm music, light some candles, turn off your cell phone and just chill

  27. Have a conversation with someone about a topic you both enjoy

  28. Practice any form of self-care that makes you happy i.e. massage, meditation, yoga, reading, golfing, taking a nap, sitting by water

  29. Make sure your to do list has fun and meaningful life experiences on it

  30. Try easy, not hard

Recharge for your life. Your health and happiness depends on it.

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