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Train For Life Empowerment Campaign Tip 84

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

#TrainForLifeEmpowermentCampaign Post 84: PAUSE - I am sure you have heard of Stop, Drop and Roll, the fire safety technique that is taught to children. These types of educational phrases can help us remember a few simple things to do especially when under stress. In this case, following this process could save your life. When you are under stress you can lose the ability to process rationally because the frontal cortex, often referred to as the “executive” part of the brain gets hijacked. Emotions take over and you may find yourself in auto pilot reactionary mode. There are many reasons you land in this place but too much to discuss in this short FB post. However, I want to make a very simple stop, drop and roll suggestion for you to consider.

If you find yourself triggered, getting irritated, feeling out of control, or ready to fire back at someone consider taking an extra minute to Pause, Process and Proceed. Give yourself time to pause and breathe, the time to process what you are experiencing, and once your emotions have settled you can proceed forward with greater intention, or you may even decide to do nothing for a while.

If you begin to notice patterns in your behavior, dig a little deeper and ask yourself why you are being triggered. Your emotions are like icebergs, the tip is the reaction but what lies under the water is what makes up the power and mass. Be curious and inquire by looking underneath the surface. Avoid the collision… pause, inquire and perhaps change course.

I will be sending out my newsletter Wednesday with a link to an article that will give advice on how you can better regulate your emotions.

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