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How a Tsunami Altered the Direction of my Life–For Good

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Sometimes life comes at you like a tsunami and the only thing you can do is seek shelter or drown. The good news is, if you can weather the storm, you can come out on the other side with greater awareness, clarity, and gratitude. Why does it take catastrophic events to get your attention? I have a few theories, but regardless, I experienced my tsunami on Feb. 4th, 2019, and was down for the count for 2 ½ months. My mom's sudden death was a knockout blow that triggered some serious introspection and soul searching. Fortunately, I chose to stay still and pay attention to what was happening. Losing my mom was that perfect storm, but rather than drown I decided to float, not swim. The difference between the two for me is this: floating allowed me to settle in and be a witness to my life and what I was experiencing. Swimming, my normal tendency, would have put me into “go-mode” and I would have missed feeling, healing, and some important lessons and insight I was supposed to gain. I share this to provide hope if you are experiencing a storm in your life. It may not make sense at the time, but trust it is there for a reason and you can gain strength and clarity from it. If you are lucky you might even become more vulnerable; a virtue that is undervalued yet so important. This last statement is worth an entire blog post–for another day. After doing a lot of self-reflection, I am finding my new normal and I have gained a greater sense of clarity. This deeper clarity has brought my life purpose into sharper focus.

If you know me, read my blog, or have seen my posts on social media, you know that I am passionate about inviting people to PAUSE so they can consider new possibilities for themselves. Not just some random, “I want to try something new,” I am talking about making more mindful decisions so that you can live life with greater intention. So, after 3 decades of working in the health and wellness industry, countless hours of searching inside myself (aka counseling, books, workshops, prayer, a lot of life mistakes), 1,000’s of hours in meditation on and off my mat, 10 years of research around motivation, behavior, and performance. I am choosing to move with greater focus and clarity in a direction that will allow me to put my life’s work into intentional high-gear. It has been hard to find a new normal without my mom, but I know she is watching over me. She was very creative and supportive of my business, so in this period of introspection over my mom's death, I have also been busy reshaping my life and my business, and my mom has been with me every step of the way.  

My Vision: “To transform lives, communities, organizations and the world by encouraging self-study and empowering mindful action.”

I am not changing my company's services, vision, or core values, I am just refining them. I launched my new website in January 2021, and it now represents my refined company direction. You will also see the integration of the word PAUSE into the new branding. The simple act of pausing and taking inventory is at the foundation of transformation. Without awareness and clarity, it is difficult for individuals, teams, and organizations to make intentional changes. All services and intellectual property created will use the act of pausing as a place to start the transformation process. So, if you subscribe to my newsletter you will see this integrated into its title, Power In The Pause.

As the dust continues to settle, I still miss my mom, but I am leaning into abundance and remain thankful for my newfound clarity. The time I took to pause was a gift, and it reminded me that life is precious and constantly changing. So, as I move forward, I chose to be grateful for my past, hopeful for the future, and happy I am learning the importance of living in the moment.

How can I help? I am always open to having a conversation.

There is power in the pause, Terrie Reeves

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